Federal Financial Systems and Services

Agencies in the modern world require seamless financial operations to achieve strategic and mission objectives.

The key to maximizing financial service involves repeatable processes and rapid transactions to ensure customers and vendors trust their financial dealings with agencies. As technology, compliance, and security needs evolve, agencies require robust and secure federal financial systems offering standardization, consolidation, and automation to support daily financial operations.

ITC Federal will help you meet these needs at the speed of mission delivery. We specialize in technical and functional support for financial systems, including modernization, operations, and maintenance. We specialize in delivering comprehensive Oracle Federal Financial solutions to agencies. Through our deep knowledge and real-world experience in analysis, reporting, and system integration, we have a proven track record of solving our customers’ most complex financial system issues. Furthermore, we bring a certified team of Oracle Specialists with expertise in nearly every platform module up to the latest release versions to ensure our customers’ success. Our specialists go beyond just implementing applications but derive solutions that meet current needs and can be scaled to meet strategic objectives over time.

ITC brings the financial, technical capabilities, and support functions critical to mission success. Our support functions to ensure the financial success of agencies program, including:


Our teams bring a broad range of accounting services to support the financial integrity to support agencies’ financial requirements. We offer expertise across a range of solutions, from processing payments, reconciliation of orders, tracking budget execution, maintaining financial management system files, and providing financial management operations support. We are here to help agencies stay on track financially, so they are able to drive the mission.

Business Operations Support

ITC never underestimates an agency’s daily management of business operations. The cohesiveness of inputs, processes, and outputs affects decisions critical to an organization’s budget goals and finances to support programs. We work with agencies to develop, implement, and maintain business processes, and to integrate their financial management systems into these processes to monitor the overall financial posture of the organization. ITC’s solutions provide agencies with the efficiencies they desire to mitigate risks and support ways to deliver cost and time savings to the operation overall.

Budget Support

Government agencies are under increasing pressure to manage resources efficiently, improve financial transparency, and achieve maximum value for taxpayer dollars. ITC brings over a decade of experience working with small and large agencies with funding up to a billion dollars to empower them to achieve their mission objectives. We support agencies in developing and maintaining spending plans, managing financial data across government budgetary cycles, report preparation, and maintenance.

Oracle ERP Support

Today’s agencies require financial systems that streamline functions and provide a central location for reviewing accounting, procurement, and other financial data. At ITC, our Oracle ERP services provide customers with comprehensive solutions to support their financial system requirements. We bring certified Oracle professionals working with Oracle Federal Financial Modules and Oracle Business Intelligence, offering in-depth knowledge of functional, accounting, and back-end support services. Our services include planning, implementation, and operation and maintenance of Oracle ERP systems. 

Oracle ERP Customer Service Help Desk Support

ITC recognizes agencies require speciaized technicians that have the expertise to understand the system as well as an agency’s financial processes and functions to deliver help desk support. We provide Tier 0 – Tier 3 help desk support functions resolving technical issues to help end users resolve financial data management issues they may experience with the systems. ITC’s solution increases agencies’ insight into their business and financial needs, enhances collaboration across their organization, and supports greater efficiencies in their operations.

Audit Support

ITC supports agencies in preparing for federal financial audits. We work with agencies on preparing for upcoming audits, audit documentation, and preparation remediation of Audit Account Support Services, Internal Control Assessment Support, and Corrective Action Plan Management. Our team works with agencies to support successful audit outcomes that drive continual financial success. 

Grants Management

We help agencies streamline their operations to navigate the complex grant landscape more effectively and make the most of their funds. With more than a decade of experience developing and maintaining grants management systems, we have deep expertise in helping agencies tackle their complex grant processes. We perform federal grants administration from tracking and maintaining funding profiles, maintaining electronic and physical files, and supporting auditing requirements, to grant invoicing. Our team supports grant management systems, including implementing and customizing COTS solutions to support operation, maintenance, and security.

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Why ITC Federal?

  • ITC is a Prime Contractor providing business operations and financial system modernization support for civilian agencies leveraging Oracle Federal Financial solutions across critical components.
  • We manage a sizeable nationwide contract with over 100 FTEs delivering financial management support to over 40 different office locations around the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.  
  • We bring teams of budget analysts and subject matter experts with extensive experience preparing and executing budgets for programs with obligations above $1B.
  • ITC performs federal auditing support that includes testing, risk assessment, system walkthroughs, and remediation activities, ensuring the financial management and internal controls are in place for applications.
  • ITC maintains a grant management system for a federal law agency providing grants assistance to over 20,000 local and state agencies, allowing them to quickly process billions of dollars in “hotspot” funding during national emergencies. As part of our solution, our team implemented an agile DevOps approach supporting 40+ customized applications to support end-to-end grants lifecycle management.
  • We also help federal justice programs with phone and email support for complex financial grant issues, reconciliations of complex financial transactions, and writing and editing financial policies.