Cybersecurity and Compliance

Cybersecurity is the most pressing concern agencies face in protecting systems, networks, and data against cyberattacks, domestic and foreign.

Effective cybersecurity approaches must be proactive to thwart the ever-growing sophistication of hackers using phishing, malware, ransomware, SQL injection attacks, and social engineering to stagnate agencies’ daily operations.   

At ITC Federal, our cybersecurity solutions focus on protecting agencies’ most valuable assets, which can affect thousands of users delivering critical mission requirements. Our security solutions focus on all facets of the IT enterprise, including infrastructure, application, network, cloud, and the internet of things (IoT). Most of all, we bring the components critical to supporting the cybersecurity posture of the agencies we support. These elements include cyber approaches specifically designed for your IT enterprise, experienced security teams of engineers, analysts, and testers with certifications in CISSP, CISM, and Security+, to ensure security and the tools essential to thwarting and responding to cyberattacks. Our cyber solutions are fully embedded with proven and leading-edge industry standards and best practices using the NIST Cyber and Risk Management Frameworks, GSA’s FedRAMP, and FISMA to support agencies’ needs. 

ITC delivers IT cybersecurity assessment services to support agencies in meeting their security strategies and federal security compliance goals.

Risk and vulnerability assessments help us to identify gaps and potential vulnerabilities within systems. Our team performs assessment and authorization activities to identify security controls and safeguards. We leverage technologies such as HBSS and Tenable Nessus using multilayered security solutions to sustain the IT enterprise in the event of an attack. We assist with all IT audit needs to ensure compliance with federal regulations, laws, and internal agency needs. Furthermore, ITC develops contingency plans to keep agencies IT enterprises secure through unforeseen natural events, so services remain uninterrupted. 

From routine bug fixes and patching to multi-factor authentication and zero trust, we equip our team to support agency requirements. Agencies utilizing ITC’s cybersecurity solutions receive a value of continual return that safeguards data critical to meeting their missions.

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Why ITC Federal?

  • As a prime contractor at NIST for over a decade, leveraging the Cyber and Risk frameworks, we bring the expertise to assist agencies in protecting their IT enterprise daily.
  • For the last several years, ITC has been managing the infrastructure and IT security for NIST’s National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE), keeping us at the forefront of cybersecurity research by working in a cybersecurity R&D setting.
  • For over a decade, we have led IT security assessments for low, moderate, and high-impact systems resulting in more than 100 assessment and authorization packages submitted successfully. We have also  performed dozens of special assessments on traditional and cloud-based systems for various agencies.
  • We offer over a decade of experience providing ISSO support to ensure the implementation and maintenance of security controls across systems and services for agencies.
  • We perform 24/7 continuous monitoring across numerous infrastructure environments using automated tools and scheduled jobs for agencies.