Application Development and DevSecOps

IT transformation is helping agencies reimagine the speed at which they achieve their technical goals.

Building and deploying applications using agile software development approaches is critical to successfully enabling the transformations agencies require to support customers and end users. 

ITC Federal’s Application Development Framework (ADF) blends industry standards and best practices to help agencies achieve their goals across small and large enterprises. Our proven federal experience allows us to work with agencies to meet federal application regulations and standards, such as Section 508. We offer teams of accomplished developers and engineers with certifications in Agile (Scrum, Kanban), Microsoft, Oracle, ServiceNow, and other traditional and low-code frameworks and platforms. Using this framework and our team of experts, ITC delivers tailored COTS-based solutions and customized applications. Moreover, ITC’s certified Quality Management Program ensures the end-to-end quality of the applications we deploy.

ITC delivers expertise throughout the software development lifecycle, including designing, developing, testing, integrating, and deploying large and small mobile applications, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and working with other emerging technologies. We employ agile development processes to deliver software releases and guide agencies in adopting agile while supporting continual software delivery. Our experts bring competencies in requirements gathering, enterprise architecture, application development, and cybersecurity, empowering agencies by delivering these mission-critical capabilities efficiently, effectively, faster, more frequently, and securely.  

At ITC Federal, DevSecOps is critical to our ADF framework.

We integrate security in every stage of the application development process, from planning and development through deployment and monitoring, to ensure delivery success. We support custom code security to reduce vulnerabilities at the outset, ensuring the optimization, efficiency, and security of the applications we develop. We focus on automation using CI/CD pipelines incorporating containers for easy builds and testing that frequently deliver secure and functional capabilities. We bring proven experience deploying fully automated CI/CD pipelines across large IT enterprises in cloud-agnostic environments using AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud platforms. Through our API inventory, we support continuous monitoring of the production code for containers, cloud, and virtual environments. Moreover, our DevSecOps ensures that security is no longer an afterthought during the application development process. 

Our customers receive considerable savings beyond cost and time with ADF, including eliminating redundant tasks and processes during the SDLC, better collaboration between development, security, and IT teams, and scalability to keep IT enterprises evolving with operational and mission goals.

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Why ITC Federal?

  • Our teams come with solution architects and sought-after experts that determine the right-sized, integrated, secure, and manageable solution using analysis of alternatives and technologies that achieve agencies’ missions.
  • We have proven success and expertise in large and small-scale environments developing and maintaining custom applications (.Net, JAVA) and customized COTS-based applications (Oracle, ServiceNow, SharePoint).
  • We bring extensive experience developing applications hosted in traditional (virtualized data centers), hybrid, and cloud environments (including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud) and have comprehensive testing and deployment processes for each domain.