Adjudication Services

ITC Federal plays a critical role in enabling millions of people to receive immigration benefits.

We support this vital and important mission by providing eligibility and pre-adjudication support services to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). We assist in processing applications through numerous stages, from receipt to data entry to file creation. We understand that every application and every file is a person, and the people we are working for may be trying to reunite with their families, flee from political persecution, have been displaced by war, or simply striving to complete the immigration process to become a citizen of the United States. Our employees touch the lives of thousands of people daily, and ITC is proud to support the DHS mission by providing these critical services. 

At ITC, we deliver Adjudication Services to ensure program success for agencies to achieve their mission objectives. Our services span business processes, including application processing, records management, and mailroom operations. We also deliver paper and electronic application process solutions to agencies and employ comprehensive quality management approaches to meet performance standards and timelines to prevent backlogs. We provide support services across multiple service areas, including:

Program and Site Management:

Oversight of business operations, including service management, workforce management, shift management, multi-site management, and quality assurance services. 

Correspondence Management:

Comprehensive end-to-end incoming and outgoing support services, including processing, sorting, scanning, and distribution of correspondence and packages. 

Data Collection:

Applications and petition processing support including scanning, data entry, creation of electronic and physical files, and tagging identification information.

Fee Collection:

Collecting, reviewing, endorsing, and depositing fees to support agency administrative services.

File Operations:

Receiving, searching, storing, retrieving, and maintaining electronic and physical records. 

ITC’s Adjudication Solutions are a vital exchange of information and preservation of a person’s identity that requires care with each administrative task to ensure DHS’ mission success.
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Why ITC Federal?

  • ITC Federal is a Prime Contractor with over five years of experience delivering adjudication services  to the USCIS Service Centers nationwide, including application processing from receipt to archiving and destroying processed documents.
  • ITC brings the capacity to manage large workforces to support adjudication solutions. Today, we manage more than 500 staff supporting the USCIS and more than 150 supporting correspondence management for the Drug Enforcement Administration.