ITC Federal Joins the Microsoft Partner Program

ITC Federal achieves Microsoft Partner Status to continue growth in cloud service offerings supporting ITC requirements.

FAIRFAX, Va., April 24, 2023 —ITC Federal (ITC), a provider of cloud-based solutions, is pleased to announce that we have joined the Microsoft Partner Program. This community of partners offers proficiencies in IT solution areas, including Data and Artificial Intelligence; Infrastructure; Digital & Application Innovation, and Security, in support of Microsoft Azure Cloud. Joining the program continues ITC’s maturation of the cloud delivery and solution offerings we bring to our federal customers.

“Our team is excited to begin this partnership with Microsoft and provide the solutions customers are looking for to achieve their mission and program objectives,” said Dr. Imran Bashir, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of ITC Federal. “As a member of the Microsoft Partner program, we can further enhance our capabilities to provide the integration of MS Azure that is being sought after by many federal customers today.”

Members of ITC’s team work with Microsoft to demonstrate capabilities to deliver technology and cloud solutions using Microsoft products in these areas, demonstrating deep technical expertise in infrastructure and security. With the addition of this partnership, ITC’s cloud services provide our customers with the design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their cloud applications and the scalability and flexibility to support their IT Infrastructure.

Cloud is quickly becoming the new standard that is helping agencies support complex business and technical requirements; working with Microsoft provides ITC the opportunity to bring more cloud-smart solutions through ITC’s Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE), providing the flexibility and scalability to meet our federal customers’ current and future requirements.

As a part of the Microsoft community, ITC joins a global network of partners working with Microsoft to deliver innovative solutions, solve today’s most complex technical requirements, and deliver value to our federal customers.