Information Technology Coalition, Inc. Announces Major Rebrand and Name, Now Doing Business as ITC Federal (ITC)

ITC unveils a new image marking the company’s next phase as a mid-market service provider.

FAIRFAX, Va., February 9, 2023—Information Technology Coalition, Inc. launched its rebrand today, marking the next phase in its history. ITC is now doing business as ITC Federal. The name represents a significant milestone in the company’s journey to a mid-market service provider. ITC is unveiling a fresh image, including a new logo and website demonstrating its growth and the diversity of its service offerings to support federal agencies’ technical needs in the modern era.

“As a product of small business, we don’t ever want to lose our culture, agility, and tenacity to compete in the federal market and serve our customers and employees,” said Greg Fitzgerald, ITC Federal’s Chief Executive Officer. “We’re not changing who we are as a company, but we’re using this rebrand to highlight our maturity as an organization.”

With more than 1,200 employees and a strong backlog of funded contracts, ITC Federal brings a renewed focus on the company’s purpose and vision for the future. Over the last two years, ITC has made significant investments in streamlining and maturing our services to stay current with our customers’ technology demands. ITC’s core offerings include Application Development and DevSecOps, Cloud and IT Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, and Federal Financial and Adjudication Services.

As we look to the future, ITC is scaling our corporate infrastructure and hiring talent critical to the company’s continued growth as an up-and-coming technology provider. ITC offers services agencies need to support a modern on-the-go workforce and deliver solutions that accelerate, transform, and deliver mission-critical results to our customers.

Visit ITC at to explore the new website and brand.