Management of Complex Legacy Financial Enterprise While Transitioning to a New Cloud-Based Solution

Successfully managing the operations of a complex legacy financial enterprise system while concurrently transitioning to a new cloud-based Oracle R12 Federal Financial Solution without disruption.


ITC Federal customer delivering financial and business solutions to support components meeting mission objectives.


Our customer was dealing with an aging Oracle-based financial system that was becoming more costly to maintain due to the complexity of the custom interfaces and aging technologies. As a result, the system had become very complex to update to keep up with modern financial needs and remain in compliance with key federal financial laws and regulations. At the same time, the system remained critical to three major customer operations, and thousands of users relied upon these systems to manage payments and receivables and track assets. To address this challenge, the customer required a partner that could support the complex legacy system to perform daily business operations still and secure a qualified audit opinion while keeping the complex implementation of a new cloud-based Oracle Federal Financial System simultaneously.


Working with this customer, ITC Federal supported the planning, execution, and management of their complex IT financial environment. Our team implemented an end-to-end business operational solution to support the complex legacy IT financial environment while working with our customers to modernize and support the implementation of the Oracle Federal Financials Enterprise Business Suite R12 Solution.

ITC brought together a team of Oracle specialists and financial experts to work directly with our customers to manage the daily operations and maintenance of the legacy system while supporting the migration activities for the new financial system. To be effective, we implemented standard operating procedures, desk guides, and processes and implemented an independent team solely dedicated to maintaining the legacy environment. This approach created a synergy that allowed ITC to continue operating mission-critical systems in a legacy environment to meet critical financial processing needs while modernization occurred. To support the needs of the new modernization system, ITC  participated in the customer’s working groups recommending key solutions to support current and future user capability on the latest Oracle EBS 12 system. Our team was instrumental in researching, analyzing, developing, and implementing a plan to assist with providing functionality and automation for a processing feature that helped the customer save up to $10 million annually.

Furthermore, ITC created a specialized customer service support center for Tier 1 and Tier 2 financial system operations to ensure assistance was available for users after the Go-Live to the new system. Today, ITC leads all Tier 1 and 2 support for the new system, where we support thousands of customers daily and lead efforts to support new enhancements to support future system capabilities. Our team has been critical in enhancing the reporting to their ServiceNow platform, supporting the helpdesk support today, such as integrating data support tasks that were not previously being tracked for management oversight, resulting in greater resource efficiencies in the environment. Our Oracle SMEs are intimately involved in the full SDLC and support requirements definition and application testing and serve as SMEs for all financial support functions.


The customer is benefiting from greater efficiencies in their business operations due to the standardization and automation of business processes as a financial service center of excellence in the federal sector today. ITC’s continued assistance in maintaining the legacy system during the migration process has enabled our customer to secure over five unmodified audit opinions during this effort, processing more than $6.6 billion in payments for all customers and resolving over 11,000 customer issues annually through the process. Additionally, ITC established and now maintains the customer support center for the new financial system to ensure continued financial operations for these customers successfully.