AWS Cloud-Based Managed Service

Enabling a mission critical global application to remain highly secure and available while supporting prompt and steady enhancements using an AWS Cloud-based managed service.


ITC Federal customer delivering critical support functions to military and civilian professionals worldwide.


Our federal customer sought to modernize and implement greater efficiencies for their highly visible public-facing web application using AWS. Our customer needed a solution that enabled this mission-critical application to remain available 24x7x365 while improving release times and enhancing the security posture. In addition, the application required several important enhancements to meet a near-term mission milestone while ensuring no downtime to a highly-used and very visible application.


ITC Federal spent time assessing the customers hosting environment and accompanying technologies to derive a scalable solution, enhancing the user experience and application functionality. ITC’s team leveraged their IT expertise in SecDevOps and federal experience, incorporating AWS best practices and using industry standards to ensure successful upgrades and enhancements.

Using AWS Managed Services, ITC implemented an infrastructure solution comprised of multiple virtual private clouds and security groups to support production, staging, and management services. ITC implemented AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) instances to support automation for database backups, performance metrics monitoring, alerting, updates, and fault tolerance. ITC automated nightly backups of systems and monitoring of AWS activity. To improve security, availability, and application performance, our team also implemented a Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution supporting caching rules, smart card authentication configuration, and redirect rules to ensure 100% uptime. By implementing AWS APIs, ITC was able to help the customer automate infrastructure administration functions to receive status alerts on systems and backups to support full-feature API-driven data feed and enable systematic access to disseminating critical information to the public.


After implementing ITC’s AWS managed service solution, the federal customer saw immediate returns. Using AWS, the customer now accommodates cyclical changes to support their business and technical needs. The customer leverages continuous, targeted releases without impacting ongoing application development. Furthermore, improvement of customer support services up to the end users performing daily operational commands, the system’s increased performance, and capabilities, use, and acceleration to support the needs of the requirement.