ITC Oracle Cloud Center of Excellence

Daily business operational activities your agency engages in are critical to fulfilling the objectives of mission-driven programs.

The criticality of departments being able to collaborate on business processes and leverage technologies that maintain an agency’s most critical financial management processes to support invoicing, expenses, and reporting is key to the overall organizational well-being of your agency. In the modern world, Oracle solutions provide technologies essential to daily success, from Oracle Federal Financial Enterprise Business Systems (EBS) (R12.2) to Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Agencies with the right teams in place receive numerous benefits, including:

  • Business Process Improvements through blending automation and generating workflows tailored to daily requirements
  • Enhancing customer and vendor relationships allows for expediency in administrative efficiencies and service delivery
  • Built in compliance with federal security, regulatory, and legal requirements

ITC Oracle Community

ITC’s Oracle Community comprises over a dozen Oracle EBS R12.2 Federal Financial Experts and over 15 Oracle experts supporting existing clients dedicated to creating best practices, lessons learned, and innovation to help ITC customers successfully implement and manage large-scale Oracle ERP systems. We even provide Oracle trainers who are available to help companies build their training solutions from the ground up. Our center brings Oracle certified resources and offers training, templates, frameworks, and an innovation lab focused on the future of Oracle Federal Financial Systems.

ITC Oracle Solutions

ITC delivers end-to-end cloud capabilities by helping you strategize and plan the right Oracle solutions for your agency’s business and financial needs. We offer a range of cloud services designed to meet your cloud experience needs, including:

  • ITC Oracle Advisory Services
  • ITC Oracle Cloud Modernization Solutions
  • ITC Oracle Cloud Operations and Maintenance

ITC Oracle Advisory Services

ITC delivers advisory services that help you make the best decisions to meet your cloud requirements. Our teams provide end-to-end Oracle Cloud and ERP support and can offer and deliver the solutions most advantageous to your current and future needs. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Cloud Planning, Strategy, and Roadmapping to review and look at where your agency is in its cloud journey, including supporting developing timelines, key milestones, and the resources you require through the final implementation of the solution.
  • Oracle Assessment to review the current Oracle solutions you have in place and see how we can help you identify gaps and optimize performance for Oracle Cloud solution success.

ITC Oracle Modernization Solutions

ITC Federal has significant capabilities and experience in implementing and managing enterprise-scale Oracle R12 federal financial systems. Through our 10 years of experience supporting the operations and modernization of a significant Oracle federal system that supports multiple DHS components, ITC built an Oracle Federal Financials Center of Excellence. ITC brings the services to help our customers meet their Oracle goals in the following areas:

  • Oracle R12 Federal Financial
  • Oracle Management Enterprise Application Cloud Services
  • Oracle Management for Hybrid and MultiCloud Services

ITC Oracle Cloud Customer Services and Operational Support

ITC specializes in delivering Oracle expert and service desk solutions. We offer the capabilities to establish a service and training desk increasing your users’ experience and responding to requests and inquiries.

ITC Labs

Our Labs provide our Oracle teams with the space to produce leading-edge solutions using Oracle technologies to support our customers’ business and technical needs. Within our labs, our experts plan, design, create and test Oracle cloud solutions to support our customers’ success. We enable our teams to experiment with a range of cloud capabilities, from artificial intelligence and machine learning edge, two-mobile ERP applications, and the internet of things (IoT) solutions. Our Labs also allow our customers to work with our teams to test specific solutions applicable to their IT and business environment.

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