ITC Cloud Center of Excellence

Cloud is the new normal addressing agencies’ ability to meet complex business and technical requirements and keep pace with the ever-evolving digital landscape.

ITC’s Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE) brings cloud-smart solutions that support the reliability, flexibility, and scalability of your agency’s IT environment requires while also bringing innovative solutions that drive mission success.

ITC Cloud Community

ITC’s community of cloud practitioners brings deep expertise in delivering modern cloud solutions from today’s top three cloud providers Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. With over 30 certified cloud experts guiding over a dozen complex federal cloud programs, you can access ITC resources resolving today’s most pressing business and technical challenges. By working with our experts, you can experience many of the advantages our agency customers enjoy today, such as enhancing the performance of their IT infrastructure resulting in cost and time savings to their operations.

ITC Cloud Center of Excellence Solutions

ITC delivers end-to-end cloud capabilities by helping you strategize and plan the right solutions for your agency’s IT environment. We offer a range of cloud services designed to meet you where you are in your cloud experience, including:

  • ITC Cloud Advisory Services
  • ITC Cloud Migration and Modernization Services
  • ITC Cloud Operations Services

ITC Cloud Advisory Services

Our cloud consulting services provide you with the guidance to make decisions in meeting your current and future cloud goals. Our offerings include:

  • ITC Cloud Strategy – ITC experts can sit with your teams to develop roadmaps that offer key stages and milestones for utilizing the cloud in your environments. Our team is able to plan and assist you in optimizing your current cloud solutions designed to meet your current and future goals across your time frame needs.
  • ITC Cloud Assess – ITC can assess your current IT infrastructure to ensure cloud readiness in migrating to the cloud for the first time, changing to a multi-cloud environment, or optimizing the performance of your existing cloud. Our teams can evaluate workloads and assess applications or ways to scale your current solutions.
  • ITC Cloud Select – ITC can help you review and determine the Cloud providers that are right for your IT environment. We also review the solutions that are cost-effective and align with your business and technical goals.

ITC Cloud Migration and Modernization Services

Our cloud services take agencies from the cloud assessment and planning phases to deploying the final solution into their IT environment. ITC has been performing cloud modernizing services successfully for over a decade, migrating agencies from legacy applications into the cloud environment. We bring capabilities in deploying public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. We deliver migration services in the following areas:

  • Re-Hosting Services – ITC ‘lifts and shifts’ and leads agencies in migrating on-premise applications to the cloud with minor modifications.
  • Re-Platforming Services – ITC ‘lifts and reshapes’ and works with agencies to modify their legacy system to operate in the cloud without updating or changing the core system architecture.
  • Re-Factoring Services – ITC migrates applications into the cloud and rearchitects a solution based on the enterprise’s current and future functionality, including restructuring codes, pipeline deployment, and addressing performance and security requirements.

ITC Cloud Operations Services

Our cloud operation services align with agencies’ business and technology goals while offering a flexible structure that evolves with the organization offering continuous growth and improvement toward operational success.

  • Cloud Data Center and Networking Services
  • Cloud Infrastructure Services
  • Cloud Application and Database Services
  • Cloud Management (Hybrid/MultiCloud)
  • Cloud Security Services

ITC Labs

ITC Labs provide unique spaces for our teams to test, measure, and derive cloud solutions using today’s cutting-edge cloud methods and technologies to support our customers’ success. We enable our teams to experiment with a range of cloud capabilities, from artificial intelligence and machine learning edge computing to no-code/low-code, serverless computing, hybrid cloud solutions, containerization, Kubernetes, and beyond. Our Labs also allow our customers to test solutions that may apply to their environment to meet their demands.

ITC Cloud Service Partnerships

Cloud success in the new digital landscape will depend on companies and agencies working successfully to support mission success. ITC is building partnerships that serve our customer’s daily needs and results in tangible success offering innovation, collaboration, and growth. We are an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner and a Microsoft Partner.


Learn More About ITC’s Cloud Offerings

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